— call for translation

This website offers reading and contributions from researchers, creators and artists in three languages : English, German and French. The contents we receive are sometimes available in two or three languages directly, because the author himself is able to write in several languages. An English speaker, a German speaker and a French speaker will then be able to access the content, each in the language he or she speaks.

But most of the time, the content is only available in one language. It is then published in a single version, its original version. However, one of our ambitions is to translate as much as possible, to offer a new version of each content, so that each content is accessible to more and more readers.

Therefore we are doing a proposal for a contribution : if you wish to help us make this site a multilingual space, let us know and we will work together. If you wish to translate a text, a paper, an article, we will open this space of expression to you.

See you soon